December 2015

Merry X-mas everybody!

Its friday! And just finished my last exam! O’ lordi! Fantastic way to start a month long christmas break. Jul semester here I come.. .. buut then again.. Isn’t next semester Master Thesis? Shouldn’t I get started on reading already? Decisions Decisions.. The good thing(?) about studying architecture is that you work all the time.. You spend all your time studying, so … Continue reading

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Big day today! Woop woop!

Got to be honest that I am super nervous today! I will have a thesis meeting with my supervisor and an interview for a possible future job at her office too! Wish me luck 🙂 But some good news in the morning, an abstract paper of mine got accepted for the Passive Low Energy Architecture 2016 (PLEA 2016), a conference that … Continue reading

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Looking Back: Arriving in Lund – late…

I thought I would share my experience of arriving in Lund University. If you are like me you have probably looked through Lund University’s website to the point where you are starting to have parts of it memorized. For international students, they have what is called “Arrival Day.” Originally, when planning to come to Sweden, I had planned to come … Continue reading

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Lucia everywhere….

Hi cutiepies, So what have I been doing the last two weeks ? Watched Lucia performances in different cities. So you can imagen how many saffran buns and gingerbreads I have eaten (saffran bun is the yellow bun on the plate in one of the pictures and it tastes like heaven). Here is some pictures of my dear little brother and his friend … Continue reading

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Lack of Exams….?

It is that time of the year again…no, not Christmas. Examinations time! Luckily for us in Industrial Design, we don’t really have exams – but that does not mean easy breezy end of semesters. We still have to work – a lot! – in our presentations. We do have a more informal setting – teachers are usually very laid back … Continue reading

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Dealing with Darkness

One of the hardest parts of moving to Sweden is getting used to its dark days that are as long as its winters. I come from Australia a land of endless amounts of sunshine so it was a big adjustment living life in the darkness. Typically at its worst, the sun will rise in Lund at 8:30am and set at 3:30pm. The … Continue reading

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Last day at Campus!

    So today was our last day at Campus Helsingborg and it was our final presentation day of the Public Building Integrating Solar Energy, Costs and Environmental Issues course! My group presented first today and I was the first one to talk, a bit nervous, but everything went well! Our programme director, Maria Wall, was there and baked pepparkakor (Swedish … Continue reading

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DRMCCA Christmas Dinner

This weekend, the DRMCCA students had a wonderful Christmas dinner together, where everyone prepared some food. It was a really awesome evening with way too much to eat

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Advantage of studying in Sweden – Nobel Week Dialogue!

It was a honor to attend the Nobel Week Dialogue in Gothenburg, where Nobel laureates and other famous personalities come together and discuss on a common theme every year. World-renowned personalities from Harvard, Stanford and MIT, inspiring leaders from Google and IBM were also present in the discussion. The theme for this year was ‘The Future of Intelligence’. The day … Continue reading

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