Kanelbullens Dag – The Cinnamon Bun Day :)

Today is Kanelbullens Dag or the Cinnamon Bun Day which gives us one more reason to enjoy the delicious cinnamon bun. It is often said that Swedes are sweet-toothed, but how can one not be, when you are surrounded with so many delicious cakes and pastries.

The cinnamon bun has been one of the favorite pastries in Sweden since 1920s. However the tradition of celebrating kanelbullens dag isn’t that old. It was started by the Home Baking Society (hembakningsrådet) in 1999 to celebrate the organization’s 40th anniversary. Also, it was ideal time to celebrate Sweden’s home baking tradition as autumn marks beginning of high season of baking in Swedish homes. Kanelbulle was the most ideal choice as everyone loves it and it is found everywhere.

So, if you haven’t yet tasted Kanelbulle yet, don’t wait any longer and go to your nearest café or bakery or any convenience store and grab one.

Happy Kanelbullens Dag!!!  🙂

The delicious Kanelbulle

– Rajeshwari

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