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Reaching the master thesis point in my studies, really got me thinking how important is choosing the university not only based on the overall ranking but also considering the topic you want to specialize in a bit more. Probably because I was lucky that my department is one of the best in the world to contribute in the domain which I am doing my thesis in (Beamforming in MIMO systems). When I chose wireless communications program in Lund, I found the program suitable for my study interest. But I didn’t know the faculty contribution to research in this domain.

But how would you know that, before getting to the university and be in touch with your professors??


  • If you are an electrical and information technology engineer, check the link below for more specific details regarding what is going in EIT department in terms of projects and publications, you can get the publishers names and the courses they teach.


  •  ResearchGate is also a good option, it is social networking site for scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators [Wikipedia]. You can also search based on worldwide universities.

Feel free to tell me about any other good materials and websites in the comments 🙂

Lund University successfully developed the world’s first 100-antenna Massive MIMO system using NI USRP RIO and LabVIEW.

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The dark days are over… hopefully

Hey there,

As you might have heard, darkness does takes over the Swedish sky over winter. Fortunately, sunshine has been making an appearance almost everyday for the past couple of weeks. It is time to come out of our caves and get some vitamin D!

You might even get the opportunity to actually wear sunglasses. I mean, does it get any better than this?! Yes, yes it does lol. But let’s appreciate the small things 😀

(I really hope I  haven’t jinxed it with this post ^^).


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First weeks Thesis Project TetraPak

Time flies and I am now already in my fifth week of my Master thesis project. It is in cooperation with TetraPak which means that I have to cycle 2-3 times a week trough whole Lund to do my experiments there.

Since the work is confidential I cannot talk too much about its content but as you can see I am dealing with some tomato juices.

As you can imagine, doing the experiments is only a small piece of my project. The most time consuming parts are analyzing all the samples and evaluating the data.  Although most of the needed analytical instruments are in the university, I usually do the computer work in one of the open offices in TetraPak.

I like to work there because each desk comes with big screens which is pretty useful when I have to deal with a lot of excel files.

Another important part of a projects are breaks to recover from the work, so the next time I will probably write something what you can do around Lund.



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Hallo Lovely people

Today is Fettisdagen, it is the day all swedish celeberate the semla. It is the last celebratory feast before the Christian fasting period of Lent.
In the past, Semla was a simple bun soaked in hot milk, nowdays it is a small wheat flour bun, flavoured with cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream.
Semla is easy to make at home, but also in every bakery window it is there, Popping up waiting for you to grap it.

Enjoy the yummy taste


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A Slow Start

Hey hey!

Hopefully those of you who want to apply to SUDes have done so already (well, you kind of have to have done so since the deadline passed). As you may have noticed from other posts here, thesis semester is in full swing! Mine, however has started relatively slowly. The reasons for this are multiple.

Aberdeen, Scotland

I stayed at home in Scotland a little longer because I really needed a proper winter break after the China project, which half killed me. Anyway, with several constraints preventing me from doing my original thesis idea (no Caribbean for Joe), I fell onto my back-up based in Aberdeen, but since this started the road has not been easy. Staffing and regulation changes within the department and an unusually low number of my classmates taking internships has meant a shortage of supervisors. On top of this, since a number of students from previous years are still working on theirs and there is a higher number of students there is a lack of assigned desk space within studios. This for me in particular is disastrous for my workflow. I live in a tiny studio apartment where the only space I could conceivably work is the desk next to my bed – a big old nope for productivity. I am one of those who almost exclusively works in studios, and especially with the need to construct models I need my own space to work and also keep all relevant materials. Hot-desking (taking whichever space is open when I’m in) works for research but does not work for continued design and modelling. Also, my social life is suffering since many of my classmates are still away and we aren’t all working together anymore.

I know I sound broadly negative so far, but I know that things will improve. The tutoring I have received so far this semester has been helpful, if not plentiful, and I’ve been able to relax a bit more instead of working like a madman every day (I realise this will change). The final design projects I am familiar with back at home tend to be a little more out there, or creative, because the final student thesis tends to be the last chance many people get in their career to really be creative and do what they want. In that context, SUDes at LTH is a bit different because we are encouraged to do something more legible, realistic or applicable to the real world by virtue of the nature of the course. This is a difficult pair of backgrounds to marry into a project, because I very much need to do a good SUDes thesis but also personally want to do something new, different, and interesting in case I don’t get to professionally. I also feel that more diversity in my folio is necessary. Dream thesis would have allowed this, hopefully back-up thesis will let me loosen up a bit too.

Joe x

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Pratar du svenska?/ Do you speak Swedish?

If you are new here, I assume you have no previous knowledge of the Swedish language and that is okay. Almost all Swedes speak English and it comes very naturally to most of them if they hear you are not from here. At the faculty especially, everyone speaks very good English, since science, of course, it is mostly discussed in English.

However, I would suggest you sign up for a course if you plan to stay a bit longer here or if you just want to fit in the society much better. I have been taking SFI (Svenska för invandrare) classes at Komvux, which is part of the Lund commune and they provide free Swedish language classes and secondary education for adults in general. After you apply, the waiting time is rather long so sign up as soon as you decide. There are other options as well, like private classes or group courses that you can pay for. There is also the excellent concept of språk kaffe, which is a language coffee meeting with random people where you can practice speaking Swedish or different languages. There are many events like this organised most of the time, even by the university, so keep an eye on them. For the EU students, there is also an option to take Swedish as a course that is part of your studies, however, discuss that with your coordinator to get more information on when its time to apply.

Have a great day!



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IC Project – Analog path

Hey guys,

As I told you in the last post, I took the analog option for the Integrated Circuits project.

My partner and I chose to work  in the following manner: during the first month we worked on some background knowledge, reading a lot of research papers as well as datasheets about the technology we were to employ. Once that was done, we started organizing our circuit, in other words thinking about the blocks we thought we would need to design. The next step was to define the architecture of each block, and that’s when we started schematic set ups and simulations.

The challenge here is that everytime you add a block to your circuit you may need to resize some devices because of the load change. This step is what took us the most time.  Designing all the blocks and integrating them.

Once all the schematic simulations were done, we could start with the circuit layout. This part can be tricky since there are many design rules to be respected. The layout version also needs to be simulated in order to compare these results with the ideal case (schematics measurements).

A lot of time was spent in the lab to conclude this project but I have to say that this is the best way to learn how to explore Cadence, which is a very important and useful tool for us.

I hope this can shed a light on what you can expect from this course.


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Food in Nations

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Having no classes at school means more chances to have lunch in one of the nations. Now that I can start from A-building (or wherever I work on my thesis) earlier I can make it for one of those nations downtown. Here’s why I love it so much. It’s cheap (30-35 kr) and tastes good.It’s easy, it saves time – … Continue reading

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Reverse culture shock

Reminiscing about the time when I first moved to Sweden, I am trying to think of the elements of life that came as a culture shock to me. I believe there were a few, however when you move to a country like Sweden where everything runs efficiently and is organized to excellence, adjusting to a new life gets much easier. I have to admit, what I wasn’t prepared for was the reverse culture shock. I went back home to spend the Christmas and New Year’s break with my family and friends. I realized I have been living for a long time in Sweden when I started noticing cultural differences.

First, the queue. In Sweden it’s a normal picture that of people standing in queues, waiting for their turn. Many places have queue number machines. Even in places which don’t have these machines, such as supermarkets, people stand in line patiently. Back home people aren’t so strict about standing in a queue and you can imagine my irritation when someone would cut in line ahead of me.

Recycling is taken very seriously in Sweden where waste is separated into 5+ categories. Sweden is universally known for its revolutionary recycling system. Mixing waste which I am used to separating meticulously was a weird feeling.

Personal space and distance. Being used to people maintaining some distance in public spaces (i.e. when waiting for the bus or the train) it felt awkward when people would stand close to me. Interaction with strangers in public spaces is minimal in Sweden. People are very friendly and helpful if you ask them a question but otherwise, everyone keeps their distance and are probably looking at their phone.

Public transportation in Sweden is one of my favorite elements of living here. Being back home where buses can run late and can sometimes be packed, I missed the clean, punctual buses of Lund.

There are other cultural differences I have noticed and experienced and I would be glad to write again about this topic. Until next time…

Take care!

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What the heck?

Although it is Monday it feels like last week has never ended.

It’s because I was a hacker on a food hack the entire weekend.

Since I am also doing my Master’s thesis now there was not much time to prepare so I didn’t even know that a hacker is not only an illegal job for nerds. But it turns out that this term is also used for people who want to exchange crazy thoughts and knowledge around a theme.

The best team in the world

My awesome team and me had an idea to use a (so far) pretty useless by-product of hemp oil production as an imitate of matcha. So a potential product could be Hemp Latte.

Hemp Latte Prototype

At the end a winner was selected among the 11 teams and although we did not win the money it was still a very inspiring weekend where new friends were made and a ton of connections were established.


If you a curious here is a link for more information.



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