LTH Food Hotspots

Before coming to Lund, you might be having many questions related to the building you will be studying in, what the local area looks like and where to go if you are in need of something. One thing that is undoubtedly going to cross your mind, as it did mine, is food and where to get it. But what do we search for when we think about food? It may be food that is quick, cheap, nutritious, gluten-free, kosher, halal, vegetarian, warm, cold, sealed, fresh etc. It is easy to come with a prepared home cooked meal, but inevitably, there will be days when you just want to find what you need without spending time searching for it. So I will be sharing some insider information about where the LTH food hotspots are to give you some street-smart confidence before arrival.

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Sometimes we might be too much in a hurry, too busy or have simply run out to make coffee in our own studios. Although it might be tempting to go to the nearest vending machine, it will probably become an immediate regret after your first sip. My hunt for LTH’s coffee hotspot revealed that black coffee is the mainstream supply across all campus canteens. If you only drink lattes or similar, you would most likely need to turn to a regular cafe or a convenient store such as Pressbyrån or 7eleven.

Many A-building students go to Bryggan Restaurant who offer coffee or tea with supplementary milk, almond milk, soya milk, lactose-free milk, white & brown sugar and honey. It may be close by and taste good but their one-regular-size-cup cost 12kr and can only be paid for by card. On the other hand, coffee or tea are complimentary when ordering from their lunch menu. So depending on your preference, you could essentially get a free hot drink if you prefer having lunch there. Alternatively, many go to the neighbouring V-building’s canteen. They offer the same regular-size cup with less diverse supplements but for 9kr, paid for by cash or card.

However, the ultimate hotspot for a quick coffee in my opinion is at the Study Centre’s canteen. There you can choose between a small cup (7kr) or a large cup (9kr) with supplemental products included, paid for by cash or card. All mentioned canteens have closing hours, so it might be good to keep that in mind before heading out.

Study Centre’s Exterior, canteen located on the lower ground floor.

Food Heating Hotspot

Speaking for those who dwell in the A-building, it can become quite frantic during lunch breaks. The main student kitchen easily overcrowd with queues in front of every microwave. Although many of us stick around patiently, there is an alternative that many do not know about. In the basement, there is a much smaller but normally empty student kitchen. If you want to save time queuing for a microwave, this is the place to go to.

As most of my lunch breaks have been around the A-building, I am unsure of the hotspots in other campuses. The first week of term is a good time to discover your building, ask your ambassador, mentor or other fellow students for advice that is relevant to you. Generally speaking, all student kitchens across LTH have refrigerators, microwaves and sinks, so you can feel at ease about any potential sandwich boredom.

Student Kitchen, located in A-building’s basement.

Lunch Hotspots

Bryggan Restaurant, Kårhuset and Study Centre’s canteens are popular choices for a fresh hot meal that cater to most people’s preferences. They are all close by and convenient but their set price menu ranging from 60-75kr can be a bit pricey in the long term for many students. In which case, they offer sandwiches and salads as an alternative. The V-building also offer decent sandwiches and salads for half the price. But if you are still interested to find a cheap hot meal, Thaiway take-away is a recommended hotspot, located approx. 7 minutes away from the A-building. During late night studies when most of the above are closed, ICA grocery store and the pizzeria next to it have been popular saviours.

Bryggan Restaurant Interior, located in IKDC

When in Doubt, Fika

Many of you will soon learn the Swedish word fika, meaning ‘that special social time to unwind with friends over a beverage and a bite to eat’. As this is a fundamental Swedish concept, you can get fika almost everywhere. It is even common for lecturers to take a 10-20 minute fika-break during class.

The LTH hotspot I discovered for a fika is at the E-building where they sometimes offer an all inclusive sweet deal. Running up to Christmas last year, they offered a cup of coffee with a homemade cinnamon bun for under 10kr total. For comparative purposes, you may get the same offer ranging from 15- 50kr depending on the brand.

Credit:Alexandra Ljungberg, wordpress

For those joining the MSC Architecture Program this year, I plan to organise a tour around campus where some of the above places will be included. Details of this tour will be shared via your course coordinator, so stay tuned.

I look forward to meeting you all soon!

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Summer Holidays in Sweden (Sommar och Sol)

I was unsuccessful in landing a summer job or a summer internship, but I decided to spend my summer in Lund. As an Indian summer for me is to avoid sun as much as you can but not in Sweden. Summer in Sweden is generally raining with some good sunny days (according to Swedish people) but not this time. This was one of the best summers people have ever seen here. It was a perfect time to do outdoor activities with sunlight from 4 in the morning till 23 in the evening.

I spent most of my days playing beach volleyball, going to beaches, treks and gym. If the weather is in your favour, there are plenty of things around Lund to enjoy. If you enjoy trekking in forest Söderåsen National Park is the place to visit. You can easily reach röstånga by train or bus and then start your trek. The park has beautiful lakes where you can go and swim or just relax.

One of the lake in Söderåsen National Park

Another beautiful place to visit is sandhammaren beach. If you are a beach person and got bored of visiting Loma beach again and again this is the place you can go. It’s a beautiful big white sand beach and a lot less crowded. On your way to the beach you can also visit Ale’s Stones  which is a ship like structure made of stones which is around 1400 years old. You can also enjoy paragliding here.

Sandhammeren Beach

Road to Sandhammaren

Ale’s stones

There are plenty more places to explore in Skane such as Ven island, Falsterbo strand,  Stenshuvud etc.

This summer I was also invited by my Swedish friend Michael to spend a week with his family in Kode. I will share my experience of Swedish hospitality in my next post.

Till then good bye have fun.

Note : For new incoming students pack your warm clothes because Winter is Coming…

If you want to know about any specific topic please comment and I will try to write about that.

Thank you.

Kunal  Joshi

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Preparing for new academic year

Hi, there!

My name is Yunjeong (you can also call me Yun) born and raised in South Korea. As the ambassador of Food Technology and Nutrition, I will share my life in Lund for coming academic year. I am happy to be an ambassador and give you a glance what a Lund university student life is like.

Currently, I am in Seoul, South Korea having great but the hottest summer break ever. Spending time with my family and friends and having Korean foods are the best ways to spend summer time. However, for successful and organized academic year, it is time to prepare for it. So I thought why not to share how I plan next school year.


1. Syllabus

To be ready for the courses I chose, I throughly read the syllabuses of the courses in advance. You can find general information, assignments, and grading scale of courses.

To give a tip for those who do not have a bachelor degree in Food science based and are not confident in a certain subject, you may read the course book in a syllabus before the course starts. (It is not mandatory to do so.) Also, if you have questions regarding a course, contact the course coordinator. They are kind and will try their best to answer your questions.

Here is the link for the information of Food Technology and Nutrition courses :


2.  Time Edit 

Time Edit is a schedule generator for Lund University students. It is a useful tool to check the schedule of courses and plan free time.

With codes or names of courses, you can see all time tables of them. (Please note that schedule of a course in Time Edit can be changed.) Classroom and types of lecture are included in the schedule. What I like to do is exporting my schedule to the calendar of my phone, which eases to sort out my daily schedule.

Here is the link of Time Edit:

Tips for using Time Edit:

If you have questions, you can send me an email.

Email address:


See you in the next post 🙂


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Wondering about the wardrobe

Hello guys

I am sure many of you will be wondering what to pack and what not to pack for your wardrobe.I will add a few tips now.

So Sweden is currently experiencing a very bright and hot summer.Its likely that by the time most of you arrive on Arrival day it will be pretty much be the same weather.So no worries most of your summer clothes that you already have will do and take you through the summer.However as just at about the time wen you will be settling down with studies, the rains will become frequent.It will actually be a good idea to bring a rain suit along ,especially one you can also cycle in.It is amazing how much cycling still goes on in Lund even when its raining.And before you know it the days will begin to get shorter and the nights a bit chilly and probably your normal sweater that you already have will suffice.

Then winter comes and then you might find all of a sudden your wardrobe is no longer so useful. So, for the winter I would advice on getting a coat once you are in Lund.It also frees up space on your flight luggage to add more summer clothes.There are some good second hand clothes shops,if you like and also several shops selling the latest fashion in winter wear.I am sure you will be spoilt for choice.

Finally do not forget to bring a calculator…..

Hope to meet some of you in a couple of weeks.


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When in Lund, get a bike.

Here comes my first blog post…Since a bicycle is the most convenient mode of transport here in Lund I thought of starting off with that.

Lund is quite a small town with each part of it easily accessible through bikes and hence it is highly recommended you get one in the initial couple of months especially if you have come for your 2-year program.
You will be surprised to see that few places much faster by bike in comparison to the public transport (buses from skånetrafiken).

It is actually quite easy to get a bike here in Lund and here are some tips which help you buy your first bike in Lund

Buy one from Facebook buy and sell groups
There are a number of Facebook groups where people buy and sell second-hand things in Lund and if you are planning to move here for more than a year you should definitely be part of it.

Literally, everything is sold in the group and bikes are very popular, especially in August when old students are leaving and new students are arriving.

This could be your first price check platform. Do check the bike out thoroughly and always push in for a little bargain before the purchase is made.

Buy one from Blocket
This is Sweden’s biggest buy and sell platform and it is very common here in Sweden to use this platform to buy and sell products, so it is also good to take a look at the prices there and check if there is a good bargain.

Buy one from the bicycle auction from Lunds Kommun
Bicycle theft is a common problem in Sweden. Some of the stolen bikes are recovered by the police and the owners are returned their bikes. If the owner can’t be found the bike is given to the municipality (kommun) which organizes the auction.
The upcoming auction dates are as given in the link are
Thursday Aug 16th
Monday 20 Aug
Thursday 23 Aug
Do have a look at this video to know exactly how it takes place:
Details of the next auction are available here:

General tips
Avoid buying bikes in the month of August as there is a high demand and hence the prices could be a bit high. Try and get a working bike because sometimes the price for fixing a broken bike could be more than repairing the bike itself.
If you have the necessary skills in repairing the bike you could find the tools and the spare parts at few stores like Biltema, Jula and Class Ohlson. You may find other essential parts such as lights and basket at a cheaper price and on discount here.
Additionally, you can visit Bike kitchen with your broken bike and use the tools and repair the bike by yourself under the guidance of experienced professional.

Bike repairs
Sometimes things don’t work out as planned and you get a flat tire or screw up the alignment of the wheels.
Save this contact. He is a complete professional and will give you the best service at an awesome price. He will come to your place and get the bike fixed at the best rates you will get anywhere in Lund.Here is a link to his website. It might be a problem to get them on call so it is recommended you text/message them.
Jim Bauhn

Good luck!

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Swedish Travels

Some of you might be curious to discover parts of Sweden before your studies this autumn, so in this post, I will be sharing a few of my travel highlights and budget friendly ways to get there.

The first city you are most likely to pass if you travel by train from Copenhagen is Malmö. As Sweden’s third biggest city, it offers a nice variety of nature and city life. If you are already settled and happen to have a bike, cycling would be a great way to discover its gems. Bike rentals are otherwise available at for instance Malmö By Bike. Busses are also a good alternative, most conveniently paid for via the app ‘Skånetrafiken‘. The same app could be used for travels to other areas within the Skåne region.


From Lund or Malmö, there are really cost friendly buses that can take you to Göteborg (Gothenburg) during approx. 3 hours. Some popular choices of buses are Nettbuss, Swebus or Flixbus. As Sweden’s second largest city, it has a lot of diverse environments and exciting things to see. This was my second trip to Gothenburg and my impressions changed drastically from my first visit. My recommendation is to take the opportunity to see the city while it is summer as Gothenburg tends to become rather dark, windy and rainy other times of the year.

Insanely close to Gothenburg are the islands Högö and Tjärnö. Both of these islands are rather picturesque of what a traditional Swedish summer may look like. You would see a lot of cute huts by the water, sailing boats, bicycles and panoramic views. The only way to get to them are by ferries that take no longer than 1 hour at approx. 75kr each way. I thought they made for a great one-day getaway whereby the majority of an island could be explored without stress and leaving enough time to get back to the mainland.

A summer in Sweden would most likely not be complete without a visit to its capital, Stockholm. Needless to say that Stockholm requires a bit more time to be explored properly, but depending on your personal interests, you are sure to find something entertaining. My days in Stockholm offered both sun and rain, great food, beautiful sceneries, long strolls through the city centre, canoeing, beautiful historic buildings and art exhibitions. Note, if you plan on staying in a hostel or share rooms, be mindful of security and use those lockers religiously.. speaking from experience unfortunately. Overall, I could not recommend it enough!!


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Swedish Summer

Hi, it’s me again, Inez! Continuing my introduction post, I was talking about how nice it is to do outdoor activities during the summer in Sweden. In this post, I will give some images about places around Skåne which is really nice to visit.

Firstly, my pretty regular activities are watching the sunset. Helsingborg is a nice place to enjoy sunset since we have direct access to the water/sea, and as a bonus, we have direct sight to Helsingør (Denmark) as well. On the way to Gröningen – an area close to the central in Helsingborg – there are a lot of yacht parking on the port, that can result to great view during sunset. Beside providing great sunset, you can basically swim on the water as well, it is not really deep. Worth to check first if the water temperature suits you or not. 🙂

Sunset with yacht background on the way to Gröningen


For the real outdoor activities, I would recommend going to Söderåsen National Park. It is a national park in Skäralid which can be reached in around 1.5 hours by train and bus from Helsingborg.  For more info about what to do on the park, you can check it here. When I came there, me and my friends had lunch and chilled on Odensjön Lake. You can swim on the lake too if you want. It is fun, refreshing, and free! Really worth to try. 🙂

Having lunch with friends just right beside the lake

Meet some of our new friends. PS. they are really friendly!

Swimming on the lake

Enjoying the time while dipping my feet


Another lake recommendation to visit will be a few kilometers away from Lund, which is Dalby Lake. This lake is surrounded by cliffs. It was a bit scary to jump to the water, but once you do it, you won’t be able to stop. It’s fun and thrilling. Would be nice to visit if you have the time.

The view on Dalby Lake


As a closing, let me give you a photo of another sunset that I took from Västra Hamnen, Malmö, which located only a few steps away from the famous Turning Torso. Enjoy summer!

Sunset in Västra Hamnen, Malmö

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Hello from Sustainable Urban Design!

Hi guys, I’m Teresa (you can call me Tere) and I’ll be the new international ambassador for the Sustainable Urban Design Master’s Program for the upcoming year.

First of all, I would like to congratulate and welcome all the new SUDes students, we are all looking forward to meeting you. If you are looking into studying  the master and have a lot of questions regarding the program, the workload and student life in general, you can send me a more detailed email – – and I’ll do my best to answer as honest and objectively as I can 🙂

To finish off the semester we were able to attend the thesis presentations of some of the SUDes students that were about to graduate. It was a very helpful for us to get a better understanding of what is going to be expected for us next year; I know it sounds very far away but once the semester starts everything goes so fast that now is the time to look into it.

Unlike last semester’s exhibition, the Spring Semester Exhibition was much smaller and during a shorter period of time, but I really like that we get to see not only our projects, but other students work and get inspired by their design or representation skills.

Talk to you all soon,

Ah, and by the way SUDes stands for the name of the Master and you will be seeing it all the time during my posts.

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Hello from Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design!

Congratulations and welcome to all new EEBD students!

I’m Inez and I’m a current student in EEBD course. You are welcome to ask me anything related to the course if you are curious about it, you can send me an e-mail to Also, stories about being an international student in Lund University will be shared eventually by me and other program ambassadors, so stay tune!

Welcoming the new semester, it must be exciting to meet new friends, new environment, and also adapting to new culture. I hope you will enjoy your stay both in EEBD course and in Sweden.

If you are going to come to Sweden early, you should enjoy the summer here while it lasts! Summer in Sweden is awesome and doing outdoor activities during this time is a must. Respect the sun before it’s too late! This is a sneak-peak of stadsparken (city park) in Helsingborg and also pretty houses in Lund. I hope you will get the chance to enjoy the scenery!

City park in Helsingborg during summer

Helsingborg’s city library which is located at the stadsparken

Beautiful alley in Lund

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Glad Midsommar!

Lund is quieter now with many students away for the summer, but still vibrant, with a calendar full of events. Check out all the events scheduled at Sommarlund, for example!

Last Friday, I celebrated Midsommarafton (Midsommar’s Eve) with a couple of friends at Kulturen, an open air museum with various well-preserved historic buildings, gardens, as well as a traditional indoor exhibition. Well worth a visit even outside of Midsommar.

Our picnic in the sun was lovely. With cheerful music, bird songs and flowers in bloom all around, everyone around seemed to be enjoying the day.

Probably because they all knew how quickly things can change — see below, 15 minutes later! The clouds cleared up quickly however, and the sun was back to shining. And all of us, as you can see, were back to holding hands, dancing, and singing along to children’s songs around the maypole. #OnlyinSweden!


With warm, bright, and long days to enjoy, summer is a relaxing change of pace from the busy school year, and a great chance to discover more of Lund and Sweden in arguably their finest season.

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