Mastering the collecting of data (for my thesis)

Hi, I’ve been travelling between Lund and Kaunas (my master thesis project is going to be there) so these months have been quite interesting. Despite masses amounts of travelling I also started incorporating site research methods that I learned in the Advanced Architecture Design studio last semester. I’ve been wondering around the place with little guidence, taking photos of the place and drawing a lot of schemes. This time is rather different in that I’m also digging into the history of the city through statistics. I’ve gathered masses amounts of data of people and their migration reutes from and into the city. This was rather new to me as an architecture student. Also I’ve decided to read the literature that is traced back to the time when the site I am working in was developed. And because I’m doing a railway station as my project I will be taking some railway trips and filming the process.

The Master Thesis is As Much Fun As You Want It To Be. Thats is what I’ve learned about it so far.

Cheers, Joris.

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Focus groups or How to enjoy life in Lund for free

Spring semester in Lund offers nice free activities. Why is that? – would you ask.

The truth is that many master’s students have to organize and conduct different kind of researches, surveys, focus groups. Sometimes it is not very easy to engage people to participate in these activities, especially if they have to donate an hour or so of their precious time and head somewhere under the rain or early in the morning. Free fika, cinema tickets, shop coupons are among rewards for taking part in someone’s research!

So, just look around šŸ™‚ You can meet a lot of new people and have very unusual discussions, take weird test or even play games.

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If you really want to integrate into the Swedish society, you’ll have to watch Melodifestivalen. Or in other words, the shows in which it’s determined which artist will represent Sweden during the upcoming Eurovision Song Festival. This tradition is deeply embedded (there are 4 semi-finals, 1 second chance round, and then a final round). Luckily for me, this is a really fun time to meet up with friends. Especially now we’re all working on our theses, we don’t get to hang out that much anymore. Now let’s hope I won’t get distracted too much. šŸ™‚

OK. Bye.
– Anton

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Architecture Thesis – what and how?

If you are reading this and your presentation is due next week, I really don’t think you should be reading this šŸ™‚ Other then that the key to doing a good job is always about planing. Us architecture students know that very well indeed but sometimes it’s very hard to keep to your word and avoid procrastinating. Especially during your thesis work where you are the master of your own time. Since I’m doing me thesis right now I have spent a little bit of time researching how to actually do your thesis. And here is what I’ve found:

The key is planning your work as well as planning your outcome. Be sure to know what university expects of you. Be sure to read the Master thesis guideline of Lund University here:Ā

This is crucial stuff that is very handy so just print it out and have it next to your desk if you ever need it.

Be sure to follow what and when you are doing. Edinburgh univeristy suggest cutting things that take up time from your work and and adding some discipline into your day. Here is a good and short article about that:Ā

The other amazing source of thesis writing tips is this website:ĀĀ Information here is plain and simple. You probably have the same question someone already had when writing his/her thesis so please enjoy the tips.

Finally the architecture presentations are a bit different from other degree projects since we have a very broad definition of what architecture is in this University. This is a short presentation of how your presentation might go only to reming some crucial things an architecture student must remember for his final day:Ā

Additional website with some info regarding your thesis.

There is really no answer on how to do the presentation correctly but there are ways to manage your time and efforts so that you could make a briliant project in the end.

Good Luck,




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Fighting through the Snow

I just shouldered my bike from Lund to my flat in Staffanstorp through the snow šŸ™‚ Lucky I made it home


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Best vegetarian buffet in Lund

When it comes to eating out in Sweden, we all know it may be pretty expensive. The positive side though is the fact that all the food I ever ordered out was really good quality, satisfying portions and good looking presentation.

LTH campus has lots of affordable lunch options, maybe some of them you don’t know about?

Every weekday between 11:30 and 14:00 Cafe Ester in Kemicentrum serves amazing vegetarian buffet (basically all-you-can-eat, and believe me – you won’t even manage to try all served dishes). For 70sek you can enjoy salads with various beans, pasta salads, pizza, vegetarian meat balls, spring rolls, fresh veggies, rich casserole, soup of the day, fruits for dessert and daily smoothie/cocktail.

Every time I try to taste a tiny bit of everything šŸ™‚

There is also a take away option for which you get 2 alluminium boxes and soup box.

Personally I choose this place for special occasions and longer relaxed lunches. If you have never been there – definitely give it a try!

At the counter – additional selection of cakes and sandwiches


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How to become famous with LTH ;)

I have been talking already several times about the Product Development course that makes part of the degree programme in Food Technology and Nutrition…

Every year one of the teams is awarded an Innovation Price for the most innovative product developed. This year the group developing a vegan and gluten free mud cake baking mix with a lower sugar content was awarded. Even if the other products, “Pombar”, an environmentally friendly bar made out of apple pomace (an industrial by-product)Ā and “Probean”, bean chips with a full amino acid profile, were great as well.

After being awarded, the request for giving interviews was huge and until now our group has been in TV clips, newspapers and online articles.

And beside becoming famous, we couldĀ taste a lot of cake during our work! What else would you wish for? šŸ˜‰


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More Chinese Fellows Applying for EEE in 2017/2018

As far as I know, at least 5 talented Chinese students with very competitive CV are strongly eager to join our EEE family. Nothing else is moreĀ exciting than this since we have only 2 Chinese guys in 2012, Ā only 2 inĀ 2013, only one in 2014, only one (me) in 2015 and zero in 2016.Ā Besides,Ā according to uhr statistics, the total number of application to our EEE program is increasing hundreds by hundreds in recent three years. More talented students apply for our EEE, more vivid atmosphere our E-building will have.

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How to present your architecture master project?

There really is no correct answer to that. The best possible thing would be to attend the presentation of other students and learn by watching. And that you can do next week.

The current batch of Architecture students are presenting their work next week from February 6Ā till February 9

The whole shebang will take place in the Full scale lab (which is a box shaped anex with movable ceiling) and some of the presentations will take place in the foyer of the A building. You can probably spot the the crowd and then go join them. Ā Presentations are open for public and it’s always nice to show off your work to a bigger crowd

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Theory vs Reality

On lectures on Direction and Coordination or Preparedness and Planning, we listened attentively to UN professionals who were in Thailand just after the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. Those lectures were very emotional.

Today, as a part of my thesis project, I conducted an interview with Edie Fassnidge, a women who witnessed the tsunami and draw a comic about her story of survival – Rinse, Spin, Repeat. A metaphor ofĀ being struck by a tsunami wave with a being spun in a washing machine is very strong and awakens various feelings.

That’s a very powerful story, although her drawings are not professionally done. The comic is worth reading.

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