Architecture and Design Library. Make the most of it

Today I will talk about the library, which is one of my favourite spots at school.

I know from my classmates that it often doesn’t make a good first impression because of the small size, but it’s misleading, trust me!

First of all, people who work there are super nice and helpful. They can show you around if you ask and of course they’ll do their best to assist you in whatever you are looking for. The thing is, all university libraries are connected and if the book you want to borrow is located somewhere else, you can make a request and it will be delivered at school for free.

What I find really useful is the range of search systems like LUBsearch or LOVISA. Once you log in you can access electronic sources, view and download articles and journals. It makes life so much easier when working for example on Architecture in Material and Detail course assignment (where you have to find detailed drawings and a lot of information about the building) and, yes, it does feel cool to be able to read articles from the latest “Architectural Digest”, let’s say 🙂

Last, but not least, when you get a minute, have a look at the thesis brochures from previous years, they are for library use only. They tell a lot about the school and kind of provide an overview of the whole programme, not to mention the inspiration for your projects!

Have fun and good luck in your studios


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Since there is a long summer holiday from  June to August in Sweden, I decided to do an internship during this time. Another reason why I wanted to do an internship is that I want to collect some practical experience in the Food R&D sector.

So I was looking for opportunities for an internship during late winter/early spring but it was not so easy to find relevant positions online. The university provides every year career fairs but unfortunately I was not so lucky there either. However, when I asked one of my professors, I got immediately a helpful response with some contact information. I wasted no time and applied instantly. The only thing I regret is that I did not make it clear if I expected to get paid or not. So do not make the same mistake for your application 😉

That’s how I got a four week internship in a research company called Aventure. It was not only a great and informative time but I was also accepted as a regular team member from the first day. The location was also convenient. I live in Delphi and the company was only a five minute bicycle ride away.

I would definitely absolve a optional internship again.


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Lund University’s jubilee


So as you most probably know already, Lund University is celebrating 350 years and a lot of events and activities have been happening for the past year and much more is still planned!
A few days ago, there was a big celebration party at Lundagård for the whole staff and students for the jubilee. I and some of my friends went and enjoyed it a lot! During the day we went to a picnic organized by LTH where you got a picnic bag and blankets and met with some new people in front of the Lake Lake. It was really fun (except for the rain surprise at some point). Later, in the evening there was the celebration party in front of the University building with live music, lights and lot of people. We also got a lovely present at the entrance, which I think is a very good souvenir to keep for being part of this 350 years celebration. It was great!









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Orientation Is Over

Hey hey!

As you all may have noticed, the orientation weeks are beginning to feel like a distant memory as classes ramp up. Here in the 2nd year of SUDes, we have already had our first China group analysis crit after less than 3 weeks of class. That among other things has delayed my posting of my experience as an LU international student mentor during the arrival weeks.

I was excited to work Arrival Day…

On 15th August, Arrival Day, at AF-Borgen I settled in at 8:30am for a day of working to help new students check in and find their way around. I must’ve met hundreds of new people, and the days that followed brought many new friends by way of my mentor group. My group, informally named by my co-mentors as “Glittergroup”, swelled to quite a large size as more people who didn’t have groups joined our activities and brought new friends. We made lots of plans, hosting BBQs, trips to Lomma and Dalby, tours of Lund, evenings at nations, brunches, movie nights, and the traditional LU Treasure Hunt and Sports Day, among other things. We became more than just mentors and mentees, but friends complete with awkward group chat nicknames, sharing of stories and advice, and frequent social plans both big and small. It’s been greatly rewarding (and also very tiring) and I’ve not been so thankful to be randomly grouped with a set of people since I started SUDes. I was so busy in fact that until the other day I hadn’t had a full day off since I got back from Italy…

Glittergroup’s Tour de Lund lurk at the library

However, all good things must end and since orientation is well and truly over (but not the friendships I’ve made) the real work must start for all of us. I’ll begin my individual project work before flying to Chengdu, China in less than 3 weeks! Exciting stuff!

Joe x

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Forecast 🌤

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“Beach weather”

Hello lovely people,

Anyone down for a swim?

If you haven’t been living under a rock (even then probably), you might have noticed that it has been pouring rain lately. The rain season came a little earlier this year, so brace yourselves, it is gonna stay for a while. I would say that it lasts until it is already cold enough for it to start snowing ^^. Either way, staying dry can be quite difficult.

If it is not raining when you are leaving home, you will probably think that you don’t need to worry about it, why get an umbrella right? No, big mistake. Better be safe then sorry, so always be prepared, because it will happen at some point during the day.

Get yourselves a new best friend: a raincoat or a waterproof jacket. Trust me, I am an engineer, and they will be quite useful during your stay in Sweden.

Stay dry and warm!!


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Societal Resilience once again

During the past two weeks, I have been involved in the Societal Resilience course, assisting our professor in the seminar sessions for the new batch of students. It has been such a refreshing experience, bringing back good memories of when I had just started the programme, one year ago.

The seminars are preceded by assigned readings, a lecture, and a personal reflection in a special format submitted by every student beforehand. During the session, students discuss in groups and present their answers and conclusions in front of the other classmates.

I truly enjoyed listening to the engaging discussions of the new DRMCCA students. The diversity of their backgrounds, both educational/professional and the region of the world they come from, add important value to the conversation. This was a good opportunity for me to get to know the new students better. At the same time, I had the chance to revisit some of the Societal Resilience topics with a fresher outlook, after one year of studies. I am looking forward to the next seminars.


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Design Projects in Master of Industrial Design

When talking about Industrial Design in Lund, some people would say that we have a really free environment. We get open topics. We can define our own interested area within the topic. We could also decide our topics and schedules if we have something that we really want to dive into.

The first semester, we had a design topic about Human and Nature, concerning product life circle. We visited a lot of companies and factories in Sweden. All of us looked into different things within the topic, reusable packaging, natural non-pollution ink, organic fishing, non plastic fishing packaging, furniture with natural materials and so on. We had a hard time fighting with our professor whether plastic is good or not. By the end of the project, we went exhibiting in Stockholm.

The second semester, we had several topics. Some of us decided their topics by themselves.  Most of us chose the design topic about light, concerning living and behavior. We had quite limited time and we were quite stressed out with our prototypes. We went exhibiting in 2017 Milan Design Week, which was very nice.

Now, the third semester, we are having a project about space design. Right now I am  looking into some interesting details in space exploration, trying to figure out what I can do for astronauts. We are planning on a study trip to USA for the project.

Apart from the main design projects, we also have some small courses each semester. It’s kind of challenging to schedule trips and exhibitions together with our design projects and those small courses. But it’s very nice to have opportunities travelling around, visiting companies,  and exhibiting in big design events.

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Could it be Eid outside your home??

These days all Muslims celebrate Eid Aladha, which lasts for 4 days and where people usually fast the day before Eid and eat together at sunset, at morning next day they go to the mosque for a prayer and to greet each other. All this was memories for me as I thought it is hard to feel the occasion outside my country without my family and especially in a non-Muslim country.
However, while talking to my friend we decided to fast that day and prepare some Arabic food to get in the Eid mood 😊
The second day, we went to the islamiq center in Lund, and indeed there was Eid. Everyone was dressed up smiling with friends and families, wishing happy holidays for everyone, and chatting about how they will spend those 4 days. I really felt the Eid spirit even know I was far away from home. Plus, a phone call with my family really made up my day.
So can you have Eid outside your country?? Well that’s for you to decide.

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Summer days

Hello world,

Are you enjoying your first weeks in Lund? I hope you are, specially since Nollning is here and a lot of events have been put in place to help you bond and have lots of fun.

I imagine you must be feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do now. Need a moment to relax? Get your bike and go to Klosteränghöjden. It is a calm place, takes you less than 10 min to climb to the top and you get to have an awesome view of Lund. You can even see the Oresund Bridge connecting Malmö and Copenhagen. Last but not least, it is right in front of MAX 4, an electron accelerated laboratory having the  brightest source of x-rays worldwide.

It is definetely worth a look, even from the outside. 


Enjoy my secret place!


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