Vacation time

The one’s who work hard should also rest that way as well. That’s why I went to Barcelona for my holiday and spend a week in there. I have to say I was interested in the city before the trip but it has really blown me away when I came in. The quality and quantity of food and drinks is amazing. And of course the architecture is breath taking as well. You have a bouquet of Catalan Modernism which is when Gaudi and Lluís Domènech i Montaner designed the most recognizable hospitals/churches/houses of the city. Then you are pleased with the early  XX century minimalist architecture (pictured above)

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Startup Fair 2017

Every year, LTH organizes the Startup Fair which gives the students and entrepreneurs a chance to connect with each other. It gives an opportunity for the students to find out all about the innovative, and exciting ideas and developments going around in Lund and Malmo.

If you are looking for a summer job or a Master thesis project or you have an innovative idea and are wondering how to proceed…then this is an ideal opportunity for you!!!

There are several events over the week (24/March – 30 March), and more information about all these events can be found at Startup Fair 2017

Last year during the exhibition at this Startup Fair, I found one particular startup idea very interesting and then landed up working for the very same startup during the summer…and it was really a very nice experience.

So, do not miss this opportunity to visit as many events as possible during the Startup Fair 2017!


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If you call for participants for your research

I’ve just run two focus groups. Information got during in focus groups discussions is very important for my research. But! Although one said that it would be easy to find volunteers who would be happy to spend an hour or so on reading comics, the process appeared to be extremely difficult. Why?

  1. Yes, there are many students on campus, but they are busy. There are different reasons to be busy – to study, to date someone, to fix a washing machine, to rescue a cat, etc.
  2. Timing and venue is another challenge. Guys, before planning an activity, check if it’s an exam week. I didn’t do that because I…I didn’t think about it at all, because I was too much into my thesis and my own schedule.
  3. Potential participants should be really interested in your topic; then they will be more or less ready to come. However, you’d better to consider Plan B and offer people some free stuff – fika, discounts coupons, whatever.
  4. Probably you’ve noticed, that there are many info walls around campus with different leaflets on them. Each library, I believe, has at least one. There are even two in LTH Study Center. But! Before putting, for example, your poster on them, one has to ask for permission. Unfortunately, that also takes time…

To sum up, it’s doable. Please, plan in advance.

  • Tatiana
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My master thesis~~

As a biotechnologist, we always have many options and opportunities ahead. Be it any research area, we can apply our knowledge and prove our mettle. With such wide options ahead, I chose molecular biology related science to pursue my master thesis. I am currently working with yeasts, to elucidate the factors responsible for divergent non-coding transcription. It has so far been amazing, I got to experience several high throughput technologies. The results I have achieved so far is promising and I am looking forward to do more. With the work and environment (spring is here, yay!!) getting better, I cant wait to experience cool stuffs in Copenhagen!


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Growing mushrooms for my project

If you’d said that I would grow mushrooms for my thesis a year ago I would laugh and laugh. And now I’m spending my tuesday afternoon growing and stuffing mushroom mass into brick molds for my thesis project. In Lund architecture is very broad subject which alows you to choose your path and explore the field.

Ok so I bought a mushroom growing kit from the Netherlands and started growing them by adding a bit of water and some flour.

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Gym and sport in Lund

Maybe some of you still didn’t start with new year’s fitness resolutions, maybe some are getting nervous about getting into your favourite swimming suit or just looking for a place to let some steam off after stressful school day and projects.

Lund offers quite a few places where you can do sports.

If you don’t plan to workout too regularly the cheapest option may be to join activities offered by nations. Some of them have sport activities at some days of the week.

For students living in student houses like Sparta and Delphi – Actic can be the perfect choice as they offer special discount for residents of these accommodations. You can visit the website: Actic but the easiest would be to visit the gym itself and get all the info. It is also possible to get a free trial day.

Another option is Gerdahallen. As I don’t have experience with them – I will just send you to the official webpage:

My favourite gym though is Fitness24Seven which has several lovations in the city. For 199sek you get access to all locations, also in few different countries (Poland, Norway, Finland), big choice of classes with booking through mobile app system and of course – as the name indicates – 24/7 access to all locations.


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VR in Lund

Today’s experience is a turning point. I’ve opened the world of virtual reality (VR) and opportunities it might provide for disaster preparedness, urban development and sustainability. The best thing of being a Lund University student is that you can contact almost anyone as long as you need information, recommendations or support. That’s how I learnt more about VR on Lund 🙂

  • Tatiana
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Half way there

I see that a lot of posts are about the master thesis now. So I’ll try to blend in a bit. I’ve been working on my thesis for almost 2 months now, and there’s about 2 months left as well. Knowing this, and knowing how much more work I’ve got left, makes me both a little anxious and excited. Most if it is excitement though. I love working on the project, which is a good thing.

I’m actually more anxious about what lies ahead after I’ve finished. I’m not bound to anything, which makes it really unsure if I will stay in Sweden or move back to the Netherlands, or even move to another country. Hopefully I will get some opportunities in the coming months to settle my future.

On the positive side, there’s luckily enough space for some distractions! Like I said in my previous post, I’m following Melodifestivalen closely (next week are the finals!). And I’ve still got time to go dancing every week. Last week my closest friend from the Netherlands came to visit, which was great fun. And hopefully in the coming period I can do more things like that, so that every day I have a refreshed focus on the project.

I have no idea if you guys have any fun reading this, but at least for me it’s good to write a little about how my life is, now that the end of the studies is getting closer.

OK. Bye.

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Symposium on Disasters tomorrow

Dear all,
I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow from 3pm to 6pm there will be a very interesting event about disasters and disaster risk management at the main building. There will be speakers from several international universites. This symposium is one of the highlight events to celebrate Lund University’s 350th anniversary during 2017.
If you are interested, here is some additional information and a link to the registration form:

See you tomorrow!

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How much water in 1kg of beef?

Over recent years you might have come across a typical colourful and intriguing infographic that highlights the concept of a water footprint. You might have been shocked to a single value of 400 litres for a cotton t-shirt or a staggering 15 000 litres for a kilogram of beef. Little that I know when I first saw an infographic like this about two years ago, that it would lead me to start following a meat and dairy free diet.

Simple and thought provoking infographics are typically met with some form of reservation by engineers and scientist, with multiple rightful questions related to their sources. So before quoting your newly acquired provocative facts at the next dinner party, I will always advise doing your own research into the subject matter.

Working in the water field lead me to do some research related to the impacts of the meat and dairy industry has on water consumption and environmental degradation. To summarize, there is a lot of variables to consider such as the sources and availability of water, but the meat and dairy industries are incredibly water intensive, largely due to the agricultural water requirement to grow crops for animal feed. These are sectors with a significant role in a country’s water balance, especially in countries where water scarcity is an issue. So how do improve the situation, do we eat less meat and dairy products? Do we cripple a sector that provides millions of jobs? It’s not a simple problem to address, but with an ever-increasing world population, we can’t keep voicing our support to protect the environment and keep our eating habits constant.

I know many people can’t see themselves living on a meat free diet, because two years ago, I couldn’t consider it myself. In many countries, including my drought stricken home country of South Africa, meat is engraved into our everyday living and culture. A meal without meat is not a meal. But when South Africans are placed under severe water restrictions with increased pricing and urged to save water, the government increases beef exports to China. It’s a logic that might make financial-, but not environmental sense.

I will always urge people to think a bit about where their next meal originates from, a simple task we overlook every time we sit down to eat. Unknowingly your biggest water use culprit could be sitting in your fridge. The choice of diet is a personal one and no one should tell you what to eat. ‘A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.’ – Benjamin Franklin. So, I hope this piece gets you thinking, researching, debating and typing ‘water footprint’ into google to take a second look at that infographic.

A link for some additional reading

Cheers for now!



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