Coming back… down to Earth?

On Monday I am flying back to Sweden after crazy holidays to run straight from the airport to the introductory fika and course kick-off. It’s time to get back to a routine and really force myself to do some serious work. Time to get organized.

But how to balance excitement about new semester and projects with post-summer laziness and melancholic feeling that holiday adventures are over?

I spent almost 2 months in Australia and New Zealand. For the first time in my life during 2 whole months I didn’t touch any computer not mentioning my laptop. My trip didn’t have a tight schedule, no obligations, just nature, food, struggling with southern winter and the biggest worry was if it won’t be too windy to cook on our outdoor gas stove. How am I supposed to sit at the desk in the studio and work on my project, attend scheduled lecture and keep in mind upcoming deadlines? Here are few tips for us all 🙂

1. Keep yourself busy

Summer was amazing and after great adventures it is easy drop your backpack in the middle of your room, get some popcorn and catch up with Netflix. Don’t. Write a to-do list, unpack, clean your room, check those 3 millions of emails and fill up the empty fridge! Don’t let yourself become slothful and it will be much easier to start the semester with full speed.

2. Find a good planner

If your holidays were as easy and relaxed as mine you may need some handy calendar to keep you updated with all the dates, meetings and parties you have planned for upcoming days! Set yourself some goals, use post-its, hang a wall calendar – anything that works for you.

3. Don’t postpone any work

If you have something to do… just do it! You will thank yourself later.

4. Keep it fun and exciting

The week may be long, looking out of the lecture room to see people having picnic on grass is hard, laundry may be boring and you really don’t feel like doing groceries but if you intertwine the necessary with exciting events to look forward to – you will quickly forget to be in mourning after holidays!


My name is Zuzanna and I am polish girl doing master studies in architecture in Lund. For me summer will be hard to forget but I will try to keep posting about little adventures here in Sweden!


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Choosing courses; have a look also at other Programmes

As we know arrived the new students arrive already a week ago, but now it is slowely the time that everybody is coming back to Lund as classes will start next week.

It is always excited to start with new lectures and work together with people from everywhere in different group works, but for that you have to choose your courses wisely. Also if the first year students don’t have to choose their courses for the first period, they will have to do it for every following term. This is why I decided to write this post and remind everybody, that not only courses suggested by the own programme can be taken, but also other courses within LTH that actually belong to other programmes and deparatments. You only have to get the permission of your programme coordinator, that the course you would like to take fits into your programme. This is why I am able to take a course in Packaging Technology and Development held by the Design Faculty, as it is as well interesting for my Programme in Food Technology and Nutrition.

So keep your eyes open for interesting courses and take this great opportunity that LTH gives us here to take courses in different fields and to be able to work with people with different backgrounds.


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Phadder/Mentor & Ambassador

As already been posted, the new international students arrived this week. And as ambassadors most of us got to meet them at registration day. For me it was not only just meeting the new internationals and welcoming them. During the introduction this year the EEBD master’s program is being included for the first time! So registration day wasn’t only for me meeting them as an ambassador, but me and 6 of my current classmates are also their mentors (Phaddrar) during the coming nollnING (the engineering introduction weeks). And this was the perfect opportunity for a nice get-together. After the registration and all formalities coming with that in Lund, we went back to Helsingborg and arranged a barbecue. It turned out being an awesome relaxing evening where one of Swedish most famous games was played (kubb) with the most passion I’ve seen non-Swedes playing it ever! (And for some reason, the newly-arrived even beat the team with most mentors in it…..)

Introducing them to kubb, and they're way to good!

Introducing them to kubb, and they’re way to good!

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Lund University Arrival day – Autumn 2016

Yesterday i.e 16th  August, AF-Borgen, usually a quiet place was chock-a-block with hustle and bustle of students, international mentors and staff  from Lund University. It was the Arrival Day for international students commencing their studies this autumn. We welcomed around 2000 International students from about more than 110 countries to our family. The ever increasing count of international students reminds us as to why Lund University is considered as one of the most culturally diverse universities in the world.

The Arrival Day is always a very busy day, with a number of students having their luggage bags in their hand, trying to find their way in the new surroundings. You can see a bit of nervousness and a lot of excitement on their face. You can see the international mentors trying to help the new students in every possible way with a warm smile.

We have Registration Day at LTH tomorrow i.e 18th August and I am extremely happy to know that we have around 250 International students (including all Master’s programmes at LTH) in the batch of 2016,  of which around 25-30 are in Wireless Communication.

I wish good luck to all of them and hope they have a great year ahead !!!! I am also excited to meet the new students who have opted Wireless Communication …and the wait will not be too long as we have our first meeting in the next week. Wohooo!!!



AF-Borgen: The Arrival Day venue


Welcome package...

Welcome package…


The neatly organised luggage room!

The neatly organised luggage room!


The check-in desk...

The check-in desk…


Waiting for the minivan be driven to their ne w student accomodation

Waiting for the minivan be driven to their new home


– Rajeshwari

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Breaking out of your Bubble

Between school, homework, and hanging out with friends, it is so easy to get into a routine and to live in a bubble. Every day turns into waking up first go to school, then go get errands then go home, do homework, maybe hangout with friends. Along the way you may see something and think, oh that would be nice to go visit, but you never do. Probably everyone at some point is guilty of this in their life.

This is especially true for me. Studying design, does keep you busy, and it wasn’t until school had finished that I started to truly explore Lund and even the area that is right next to me. I remember one time my friend I were going on this walk in the southern part of Lund. We had gotten talking about tennis. At the time, she was having a hard time finding a tennis court that was free to play on. She knew Delphi had one, but she wasn’t sure if she could play there or not, since she doesn’t live in the Delphi area.

Fast forward a couple of months or so, I had to go to the doctor’s office, on the way I found  tennis court not even 200 meters away from where I lived, and I had no idea. There have been so many times, especially this summer where I finally decided to walk over to the area I could always see out my window, or from the train etc, but never actually went to before now. Time and time again, I keep finding myself saying and thinking, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” or  “This is such a nice area!” etc.

Malmö is another city that I have done a lot of exploring through. Even if you don’t have a bike, you can walk easily. You realize that things aren’t so far away from each other. It’s nice being able to get away from school work and class to go somewhere and relax. There are also a number of trails you  can go hiking, walking or running on too. You just have to go and break out of your bubble.

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Summer in Skåne

Staying over the summer in Sweden. During the school year, I was so busy with school work, I truthfully didn’t have a lot of time to spend going around Lund or around other parts of Skåne.

This past June, I had the opportunity to go to the east coast of Sweden in Skåne. There are two towns called Kivik and Simrishamn. Between these two towns you can go hiking. The trail is about 21 km. However, you can also stop in small towns along the way and swim in the sea if you want. This part of Sweden also has a number of apple orchards that you go by, and you also go through a national park along the way as well. We took the train from Malmö Simrishamn then took the bus up to Kivik and hiked down to Simrishamn, so that there would be less backtracking.

The area was beautiful, and the day could not have been more perfect! Then 3 hours into the hike, clouds started coming in, and for the first time ever in Sweden, I saw a bolt of lightening actually strike down in Sweden. The sprinkling rain turned to heavy rain. Then for the remaining 4 hours it actually down poured on us. We were soaked and without any rain gear. Neither of us had bothered to recheck the weather forecast the morning that we had left. Despite the rain though, I had a great time. The hike isn’t a terribly hard one either. Even if there was rain, I would still go again.

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A South African in Sweden

During the last few days of my European summer backpacking adventure, I mentioned to a friend that I was looking forward on heading home. Bemused he asked me if I’m going to South Africa. My instantaneous reaction to respond with the word ‘No’, coincided with a quick moment slight disbelief to my own answer. What series of incredible events transpired over the last year that I now consider a small town in southern Sweden to be my home?

I will keep my introduction and Lund praises brief for now, but I can only state that it has been an incredibly positive experience so far. Arriving almost a year ago, it was a day of many firsts for me. First time in Europe, first time away from family, and first time using a 1st world public transport system as I traveled across the Øresund Bridge. The subsequent couple weeks was a slight frenzy of fun events, new friends and the mispronunciation of foreign names.

That brings me to my one-size fits-all advice for an incredibly diverse group of new arriving students:

Find your comfort zone, then leave it.

A simple but valuable instruction that is far too easy to ignore. This time period is a great opportunity to push past any slight nerves or fears and find yourself in new situations and experiences that will only help you grow as a person. Add a smile and a positive attitude and before you know it this place might just seem like a new home.

But back to studies for now. I will soon start my second and final year in the Water Resources Engineering Master’s programme and will elaborate more on different aspects of the course in months to come. Hopefully we can get a ‘Water’ tag going here on the right hand panel. For the new international students in Water Resources Engineering, please feel free to join our Facebook group for international students in the programme.

Cheers for now!


Facebook group: Water Resources Engineering Masters – Lund

Instagram: johanbvisser

That's me, enjoying summer hiking in Poland

That’s me, enjoying summer hiking in Poland

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Seasons of Sweden~ beautiful yet unpredictable

Most of the people would agree with the fact that you can witness the best of all the seasons in Sweden. It is certainly amazing to enjoy the beautiful spring, joyful summer, amazing autumn and wonderful winter with snow. You can dwell into the cradle of nature and make your soul happy 🙂 But wait..! this year, there was not much of sunny days. It was so unpredictable and now they say autumn has officially arrived in some parts of Sweden!! It has started to become cooolll nay, cold in Lund! Isn’t it too early? the weather forecast predicts unpredictable rains. And to make it sound more cold, my friend who lives in north of Sweden said it snowed there already!!??  With all these things going around, I am seated  in my lab, typing the report for my advanced course..! phew!
C’mon, its time to switch sunglasses to umbrellas and coats. Autumn on its way! Say Hi 😉

~ Uthra

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After an exiting summer break, heading off to Panama to commence my internship with the UN Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs. During the summer, I was hiking and traveling in South America. I spent four weeks in Peru and Bolivia, where I visited a friend and climbed the Andes. Afterwards I went to the beaches of Croatia and cycled through Germany. Now I’m bit exhausted 😀

The summer was exiting already, and now I am even more exited to start working in Panama! I do not really know what to expect, so let’s see what happens. I’ll keep you up to date 😀




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Lund ~ gearing up to welcome new students :D

August is here, and in two weeks the newbies would be arriving to Lund. It reminds of my first day here and I cannot believe that its almost an year since my arrival O.o I have signed up to be an international mentor and its so exciting as we would be conducting several fun activities and excursion for the newcomers. We are already gearing up to welcome freshers and can’t wait to get involved in all the wonderful activities.
Apart from such lovely moments, I remind myself that I am entering the second year of my masters.. which means I still have just another year to spend in Lund!! oh no.. lemme not think of it umm! Lets enjoy last few weeks of Summer!! 🙂 Cheerrsss..
But wait!! Lemme also not forget to tell that I am waiting for my friends to return from their vacation. CoMe BaCk SoOn GuYs! Lund is empty without you all.

~ Uthra

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