It is all about group work…

When starting my masters in Food Technology and Nutrition in Lund, I was not expecting to have groupwork for every single course. But that makes part of the swedish education system and I think it is a really important prerequisite one could add to the CV, when applying for jobs. It does not only sound good to have the ability to work in an  international team with different backgrounds, but it is also an excellent way of learning from each othere during the group sessions.

Group work is one of the course parts that I like the most. It might not always be easy and there will be always somebody who puts more work load onto the colleges instead of fixing things themselves, but that is how life is. So it is good to be able to learn how to cope with such a situation. You will understand that sometimes you are not only reponsible for your own success, but when working in a group you can be more successful if every link of the system works properly.


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Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节

In China, we celebrate the mid-autumn festival, 中秋节 in simplified Chinese, every 15th day of the 8th month in the Lunar calendar. We normally celebrate it by making and sharing mooncakes, carrying lanterns, making sky lanterns, playing riddles, etc. Here are the mooncake and Chinese food photographed in this time.


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Lund Kulturnatten

Kulturnatten is a unique culture festival held in many cities and the Lund city festival (Kulturnatten i Lund) was on September 17 and 18th. The stages were put up in the main city squares and there were some great performance by famous bands. The amazing concerts, dance programs were so entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed the Culture night. There were small dance packages by dance schools in Lund and I had an opportunity to dance Salsa, Tango 🙂 It was absolutely  relaxing after a tiresome week at school. There were also other events that were conducted by the folksuniversitetet and lunds kommun which were so welcoming and it was just rock n roll..!
Not to forget, the fireworks at Lund University main building and the Swedish coir performance were a visual treat and soul filling! Hope my friends enjoyed as much as I did 🙂


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Classes: Urban Processes


Carlsberg, Copenhagen, Denmark. This is one of the huge elephants they have at the entrance into the old Carlsberg Brewery. However, now this area is being redeveloped. For class, we went on a tour around the site.


Carlbergs, Copenhagen Denmark


Another part of our tour we were brought to this school which has made use of the outdoor public space as part of the school yard. Notice the kids are playing outside with no fences. There are a lot of places you would never see this happen, because it would be too dangerous. No kids were hurt when I was there.


This was a green roof we visited. The garden was apparently for a PhD project. They grow lots of vegetables and herbs, and then they will also make meals for people.


This was the last part of the tour we had gone on which was to Nordhamn I think it is called. Which is being developed right now. Out of all the buildings that were being built in the area, this was definitely one of my favorites.


In Nordhamn, as I am referring to in this post, there is a parking ramp, or parking garage as some may call it. Our teacher brought us to the top, and this was what we found. I was shocked, but I thought it was a great way to make use of the parking ramp. There were quite a number of people that were using the space. Not only that but it has a great view of Copenhagen and the sea.


Best way to test of playground is to play on it 🙂


On a different day, we went to Lomma and went to the municipality. Where we learned about their development process in addition to that they showed us around this new development area they have been working on for some time. In this picture, what you see is actually the foundations of a bank that has historical significance. however they turned it into an area for children to play.


It was his birthday, apparently turning 30 takes its toll on you… haha This was also part of the play area next to the bank made into play space area.

img_4780 img_4771 img_4880

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Meetings & Adventures

Last weekend with a friend from my class, we decided to go to this International Pub night at the Creperiet. I had never been to the place before, and it is actually pretty nice. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, but we sat at a table with a couple other girls who happened to be in the same bio medicine technology class that I have another friend in here in Lund.  It was definitely one of those small world moments. The restaurant was really nice and cozy. It wasn’t long until it was full of people. They had different tables for people speaking different languages. Apparently the table we were sitting at was the one usually for people speaking Swedish, but there were a couple of people who didn’t speak any Swedish, so we went back and forth between the two.

The following weekend the two girls I had met, asked me if I wanted to go to Dalby to go to  the forest and quarry there. The bus arrived and since it was a regional one, I knew that I could load up my Jojo card on the bus. However, I had a different card with me than I normally do, which doesn’t have a chip. For some reason the bus driver wouldn’t let me use it. So I ran off the bus, leaving my stuff with the two girls. to load up my card at the train station, which was next to the bus stop. There were people there, so when I came running back the bus was leaving. I ended up having to wait 20 minutes. I didn’t have a phone with me, because my phone’s charger got destroyed and it is a very old phone so I am completely out of a phone for the time being. I thought that I would just take another bus, that went directly to where we were going. However, I forgot that it was a Saturday, so the buses have an altered schedule and the bus that goes directly went once every two hours. Instead I waited for a different bus that came in 20 minutes. I felt terrible since I didn’t have a way to contact the girls. When the bus did come, I did ask a guy sitting in front of me to use his phone. Thankfully, he was kind and let me borrow to message them that I was on my way right behind them. They waited for me in Sandby. I thought that I had made them miss the bus, but the bus they were supposed to be able to catch, left a little bit early, so they missed it. We realized that the next bus wasn’t going to arrive for an hour. So we were stuck as a bus station in Sandby which is a tiny little town with nothing to really do. Though, apparently, they have a great butcher shop there. Eventually the bus came, and we made it to the forest.

We looked up the time the bus would come, cause we were not going to miss it. I think we spent more time trying to get to and from this place than we actually spent there. There is sort of two parts to the forest and we stayed in the southern part, though there was also a pasture for cows and horses as well. What we didn’t realize was how small the southern part was. After what happened earlier, we didn’t want to tempt fate and miss our bus, so we stayed in the southern part and didn’t go to the quarry. It was definitely a fun time. The forest is really quite nice. I definitely want to go back to explore the rest. img_4818 img_4820 img_4819

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New Year, New Faces


We were working in the process of making a movie mission for this one. This is the A-section’s purple boat called Alice


This was during the races picture of the Phøs for the A-section


One of the missions for each group in the A-section was to hug a person from each of the different sections.


Picture from the Sea Battle. Each section made their own boats.


These are the section leaders. They have all been dressed up as fairies during the events. They are on the Ön Ön in Sjön Sjön during the Sea Battle


A-section’s boat that reminds me more of the Lockness monster than a boat….


On the LTH part of campus each of the section on this side walk paint their section symbol and something else to go with it. This year, this is what the A-section did.


Another image from the Sea Battle


Waiting for the parade to start through Helsingborg for the Flying Event


Getting ready for the parade for the Flying Event

Since arriving back in Lund after a great summer, I have been helping out with the nollning, and have had a great time. Nollning is an orientation that is done through the student union that everyone is able to participate in if they want to do so. What is great about is that they break it up into sections. Since I study Sustainable Urban Design, which is in the school of architecture, I am in the A-section. Then they break it down into smaller groups. I helped out with the international master’s group. There are events that all the different sections part take in, such as the Sea Battle on Sjön Sjön, or the big water balloon fight, but there are also other events that take place with the section, such as the sittnings, which is a special dinner that has different Swedish traditions associated with it to describe it simply. Then there are some activities such as missions, which you do with just your group. Except for the A-section every section has a specific color over overalls they wear. In the A-section we wear black blazers and our color is purple. It is a great time, because it provides a chance to meet people who are already in your program in the year or years ahead of you that are mentors or Phadders, in addition to meeting people that will be studying the same program as you. Nollning lasts about a month, though a lot of the activities are in the first couple of weeks. Once school starts you are able to participate in activities and the traditions when it works with your class schedule.

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Höstfest & Kulturnatten

If you are like me and sometimes feel that your bike is inseparable part of your body, you might be surprised how great is it to explore the city by foot from time to time.

An opportunity arose this weekend because I was really curious what is happening in Botanical Garden under a mysterious name “Höstfest” and what the Kulturnatten is about.

Botanical Garden has various activities open on 17-18th of September including fruit, pressed juice and vegetable tasting, garden boutique, open greenhouse and last days of garden café. You can try local types of apples, take part in quiz or just take advantage of last sunny summer days and stroll through the garden.


Kulturnatten is not just a night even – on 17th of September whole city center is filled with music (I found 3 different music scenes), various food trucks and stalls, open workshops and artist ateliers and many many more. The weather was perfect so Lund was really busy!


If you still have a chance – visit the Botanical Garden today!


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Capacity Development Déjà Vu

I’ve just transcribed the first interview taken with a UNDP DRR-specialist from Armenia as a part of my internship. I’ve experienced a sort of ‘déjà vu’ since some information he highlighted was very much related to my individual assignment handed in by the end of Capacity Development course. His input would have been been extremely valuable a year ago…

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Spare time

Now that the lectures have started, so has the everyday live in Sweden as a student. It can happen that you don’t know what to do in your spare time or that you feel like the weeks are just lectures and homework day-in, day-out. If this is the case for you, or if you find yourself in this situation sometime, then I have the one tip that will change your life forever!! (Especially if you’re new in a country.) ……….

….. Okay, ready? The number one tip is…..

Find out if there is a possibility to do your hobbies/sports/whatever that you used to do ‘back home’. Or secondly, find a new hobby/sport/whatever, that you always wanted to try. This will help you settle a lot better/quicker in the real world again.

For me personally, this was (swing) dancing. Back in the Netherlands I just started dancing Lindy Hop. So when I moved to Sweden, one thing that I really was looking for was dancing as a spare time activity. Luckily for me there are three Lindy Hop communities in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg. So for the passed year I had dance classes in Lund. This year I will go to Malmö. And I try to be involved to make the Lindy Hop community in Helsingborg bigger. There are loads of social dance evenings being organized (not limited to the three cities of course), which also leads to meeting a lot of ‘real Swedes’.

So I encourage everybody to find something you like to do, and then do it! It’s a nice break from your studies and a great opportunity to meet more people than just students.

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Weekend trip ideas: Falsterbo

As the weather is still treating us well and we can enjoy beautiful late summer – you may want to use your weekends to see a bit of Skane region.

Trip to Falsterbo is a great idea if you like beaches, seaside and exploring Swedish nature. It’s a town located at the southern-west tip of Sweden in south part of Falsterbo peninsula. In the town there are plenty old houses and little charming home gardens. Close to the seaside you can find adorable beach huts painted in various colours.


Further south you can find Naturum which is a nature promoting center with interactive, free exposition, rooftop terrace with amazing view, information center and restaurant.

Falsterbo from Naturum

Falsterbo is around 55km from Lund and I decided to make it a day bike trip. Depending on wind it takes few hours and may be little bit hard to find the way, especially while going through Malmo south suburbs, as the path is not well marked. I took my tent with me and slept at the beach and left in the morning to Trelleborg where I took a train back to Lund.


If you are not so adventurous – you can take a bus 100 from Malmo. Both ways – the trip is definitely worth it!

Enjoy last summer days!


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