Clear signs of the lecture period coming to an end…

Have you already heard about the phenomenon of queues in Sweden? One could for sure call it a national sport, you can also read this entertaining article by another guy over at thelocal. Now as the lectures are phasing out and deadlines for several hand-ins are getting close, the queues at the popular lunch options around campus get shorter or just don’t exit anymore. That’s great – this way you can spend more time being productive around campus, for example in the large working areas in Studiecentrum or Matteannexet.

For us second-year MSc.-students this also means that it is soon time to submit our thesis proposals / goal-document drafts to our supervisors. In our program (Logistics and Supply Chain Management), thesis projects are most often carried out at case companies, while it is also possible to run own projects or work with some of the research projects that are conducted in the associated departments.


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Graduate Fair

Greetings from the Graduate Fair at Lund University! Today was a special day for me and my fellow LTH programme ambassadors. We were part of the university’s graduate fair, representing our master’s programmes.

It has been an engaging afternoon, answering questions to prospective students and sharing my perspective as a current student. There was a high level of interest in the Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation (DRMCCA) master’s programme.

If you are considering applying or are in the midst of preparing your application, I would be delighted to share with you my experience as a DRMCCA student.

Good luck!

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Holiday Lights

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Studies During Christmas Break

Hey guys,

Christmas break is soon approaching and with it exams at the beginning of the year.

Most of the international students go back home for two weeks and it is quite hard to keep up with the work. My advice to you is to prepare some summarized notes before the holidays and try to go through them a couple of times during the break.  That alongside some exercises every couple of days should keep you on track to not flunking the exam.


Good luck!!


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Sport possibilities during winter season

You might wonder if you can do sports when it is almost the whole time dark and cold outside.

One possibility to avoid these uncomfortable conditions is to do indoor sports but even if you don’t like gyms you do not have to forgo sports. In Lund there is not much snow and the city’s winter service does a great job to keep the ways free of ice. So you can actually go jogging the whole year.
However, if you want to keep your feed warm here is a summary of all kind of indoor sport activities:

I am playing badminton with a couple of friends in Victoriastadion once a week which costs in total 200SEK/hour.

Trying to keep up with Junsheng (Swedish class mate and PhD student in Lund University)

There you have the possibility to do all kind of racquet sports, but there is also a gym for other ball sports like football, field hockey or floor ball (which is surprisingly popular in Sweden). I like this gym because, as you can see, the the court is in a perfect condition and Victoriastadion is located relatively close to the city center.




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End of the semester

We have almost no limitation on our star design project this semester, which took us a lot of time to find a proper topic to work on. Without much knowledge about space, I need to read a lot. Some problems with our study trip took a lot of our time and energy as well. Finally when my project got on track, I realized there was not much time left. I have been sick for more than one week. This is not a good thing at the end of a semester, especially when the degree project is coming afterwards.


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Project in Wireless Communications

In the second year of Wireless communications master program, students must do a project that extends for 2 study periods, the project is divided into several tasks to build your reliable OFDM wireless system step by step. However, the final result will be transmitting an image or a text from one laptop to another using the sound frequency, Speakers will act as the transmitters and the microphone will be the receiver part. Off course this task has to be implemented by software (Matlab is most preferably) and cyclic redundancy check (CRC) codes must be used to assure an error free data transmission.

The timing of the project is perfect, after finishing multiple mandatory courses that build a concrete foundation for students in wireless communications systems. Furthermore, finishing this task will give students a great boost before starting their thesis.

So if you heard dolphins sounds coming out of speakers in the E-huset and electrical engineers going crazy about it, it’s nothing to be afraid of.

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Countdown to Lucia

As the different winter festivals are approaching, I today tried to make a popular Swedish pastry, Lussebullar, on my own. They do not really look like the original ones, but they taste great. Have a look:

It has also been the first time for me to buy the world’s most expensive spice – Saffron. It feels like one is almost buying something illegal, as it’s unter-the-counter ware in most supermarkets in order to avoid theft. Three weeks from now, the Lucia celebrations will take place – it’s a great tradition you sure do not want do miss.

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Thesis “fever”

The master thesis process has officially started. The spring semester will be fully dedicated to the thesis project, however, it is as early as mid-November that students hand in a preliminary thesis outline. These past weeks have been filled with intense reading, brainstorming, and exploration, as we have been working on identifying the thesis topic and drafting initial research aim, question and methodology.

It seems as if the master thesis is what all my friends and acquaintances at Lund University are thinking and talking about these days, despite the faculty where they are studying. This first milestone of compiling an outline has mobilized all of us and we have already started to get a feeling of the final semester.

The thesis project is a major research undertaking and undoubtedly the culmination of the two-year master’s programme. I am looking forward to researching and writing about a topic that I feel passionate about and will keep you updated on the thesis writing process.

Take care,

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Taking part in social life

Do you wonder how to…

  • expose oneself to a lot of spoken Swedish
  • get to know locals and
  • have a lot of fun?

There are tons of free-time activities in Lund that can provide you with that. If you’re interested in speaking Swedish, you should not hesitate to join the open sessions that most of the clubs and activities offer in the first weeks of a term – even if they are sometimes only promoted in Swedish. The activities may be in some way associated with student unions, but there are also a lot of clubs that are independent. You can find a list of some of the activities in Lund here.

I joined for example LTH-kören, the choir at LTH, where not only students of LTH sing together. Are you interested what we have done the past weeks? If you’re in Lund, you can actually listen to us on November 25th – find more information here.


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