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Hey hey! Today I’ll kick off the housing series as started by Ruben earlier today. He gave some great recommendations of jumping off points for your search and I’d recommend reading! As for me, after a long search I found my own little student studio apartment in an area near LTH called Kämnärsrätten (pronounced kinda like shaem-naers-raet-ten I think? Nobody ever … Continue reading

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As mentioned from Irma spring is coming and the days are getting warmer.

So it was the last chance for me to experience one of the most famous Swedish free time activities: Enjoying a hot sauna when it is cold outside. Of course, you can go to a sauna the whole year but when you are already sweating before you enter it, the fun is not the same.

There are many choices and even some student houses have their own sauna. I decided to go with some friends to Bjerret, a small village at the sea side next to Lund. On the beach at the end of a pier is a popular sauna together with a restaurant. The reason for its popularity is the few over Malmö next to the Öresund Bridge and that you can take a short dive in the ice cold sea after you have  tanked up enough heat.

Further information you can find here:



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Kicking off your housing search

After many of you might have made their decision to start at LTH in fall, you will have several things on your mind, one of the most important ones probably the search for housing.

In the following weeks we will provide you with some insights into the different quarters and types of housing here in Lund. I want to outline some points where you can start your search for housing.

If you are coming from outside the EU, the first thing to check is if you are eligible for housing guarantee, a starting point for this are the pages of LU Accommodation.

AF Bostäder has a lot of different housing options only for students and you will be able to enter the queue system soon – keep an eye out to sign up as soon as you can.

Private housing / subletting can be found through a lot of different platforms, mainly bopoolen, blocket, and facebook-groups such as Lägenheter i Lund, Housing in Lund and Kollektiv i Lund.

You often need considerable waiting times to get housing directly at the real estate companies – it is an option which applied only if you sign up long enough in advance or intend to stay longer around Lund.
If you would like to try renting a house directly from housing companies, there is a central platform, boplats syd, and several independent companies with their respective platforms, e.g. the municipalities housing companies LKF (Lund), MKB (Malmö), Heimstaden, Stena Fastigheter and Riksbyggen (unfortunately, sometimes only in Swedish and there are probably even more…).
I hope your search for a place to stay will be successful. Where did you find your place to stay? Let me know in the comments below.

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Brunch time!

How good is brunch ?

One of the perks of leaving in a town with a different coffee house in every corner, is that most of them offer brunch meals on the weekends. Does it get any better? (Spoiler alert: yes it does!)

You may have heard that Lund University is quite famous for its student life/events, which is mostly due to the …. (drum roll) NATIONS! And some of them also offer brunch.

The prices are quite affordable, cheaper than going to the restaurants in the city center. And you have many options for all diet preferences such as vegan brunch( Wermlands nation), or even get some exercise done with yoga followed by brunch (Helsinkrona nation), or maybe an American breakfast brunch (Västgöta nation) and so on.

Needless to say you get to try a new one every weekend.



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Bikes in Lund


Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer so riding my bike to the university is becoming more and more enjoyable, since, like many other people, I have been using it all year round…even in the snow! 🙂

Biking is a very convenient (and environmentally friendly) and cheap way to get around Lund, you can reach many places pretty fast and you can bike everywhere. However, if you move from the south to the north there is a bit of an uphill going on (good exercise though). It is important to know that the bike culture here is on a rather high level here and people (mostly) follow the rules.

If you don’t have a bike yet, it might be a good idea to get one depending on how far you commute. For the new students arriving in Lund, if you are planning to buy a second-hand bike, be careful of frauds and overpricing since the prices are much higher at the beginning of the year because of all the demand. You can join Facebook groups or other pages like Blocket to look for a good deal on a bike (but again, be aware of scammers). There are also some police auctions that you can check out as well as bike shops that sell well maintained second-hand bikes. In case you don’t know how to ride a bike, there are some workshops for this and also Cyckelskolan Lund that offers biking lessons.

Stay tuned,


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Spring is here…

Spring has officially arrived in Lund and the weather doesn’t get much more beautiful than this. It’s warm, sunny, and simply lovely everywhere. A good excuse for taking a break from the thesis writing process and enjoying a nice picnic with friends.

Enjoy the sunny days!

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Last day in the lab

Hello everyone

I have started working on my thesis from mid January, I am working on sludge dewatering which is related to the wastewater treatment. My thesis consists of two parts one is the literature reviewing and the other part is the lab work. The literature reviewing is quite tedious and consumes alot of time, I was from the begining more excited about the laboratory work. Anyhow, to start the lab work I had first to prepare a risk assessment document for the experiments I am going to carry out, This part although it sounds as an easy task but ohh no no no. It was not. I had to fix it few times before it was finally approved. After that step, I have started carrying out the lab work, I brought the sludge from a nearby treatment plant by the help of the chemical department of course. During the lab work, one has to be very patient as everything does not always go as one plans. I will make a seperate post about that. I am very happy today cause I have just finished the lab work today, my back is crooked now for sure.

All the best guys till next time



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Going massive with Ericsson

Ericsson and Lund university has announced a collaboration agreement in the research and development for mobile communications systems, more specifically in Massive MIMO.

After building the world’s first real-time MIMO testbed and setting a new world record in wireless spectrum efficiency two years ago in a collaboration with University of Bristol, Lund university is still contributing in the Massive MIMO field, and this new agreement with ERICSSON is a clear evidence.
The agreement will include mainly that, LTH will recruit 10 PhD students and postDocs, to work with senior researchers from the Department of Electrical and Information Technology and from ERICSSON, to develop new technologies and applications in Massive MIMO.

More new about this great agreement in the links below:

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Movie Nights

Hi guys

Best thing in the world is a movie night out, few weeks ago I and my friends had a movie night. Actually we have been planing for that since the movie was out, I am talking about ‘Black Panter’. We have been checking the website of the cinema here in Lund, to figure out which date suits all of us, And God it is not an easy mission with having alot of friends.

Finally, we picked a day and we planned to all get well dressed for the movie, by wearing our african clothes and make an african theme. The moment we left our place in Delphi, and took the bus we were making impressions.

The movie was way better than what we have expected, We were so in Love with it, It made us wonder how would our Africa be if we have not be colonized. After the movie, We were taking alot of picutres with different poses from the movie and many people took photos with us, we were all embracing the Wakanda theme.

That was a beautiful night and best movie night ever.♥



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Thesis half time

It’s been now more than 10 weeks ago since I started my thesis and the good news is that I feel like that half of my work is done.

Only a couple of more experiments to do before I can finally plan a sensory analysis. After that there is just some wrapping up issues, like preparing the opponent role for another student’s thesis or drawing some conclusions, left over.

In the meantime I am waiting for the great Lund Karneval, which takes only place once in four years. It takes place in the middle of May but there are already warming up parties for people who will volunteer during this 3-days-event. No need to mention that I am one of them.

So all in all everything works out pretty fine so far during my last semester in Lund and that the biggest surprise is the snow at the end of March is a good thing, I believe.



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