Study visit to Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company with head offices in Lund, Sweden, and Lausanne, Switzerland. Last week, we had a study visit to Tetra Pak in Lund and it was terrific. We visited the packaging exhibition room where more than two hundred packages produced by Tetra Pak were displayed. The package portfolio is broad, e.g. food packages and chilled packages. It was quite interesting to see so many packages at a same time. Also, we made carton packages by hand in the prototype work shop where we learnt how to make a package step by step and it was fun.

Learning knowledge from practice is much better than learning from book. Hope you can have such study visits.


Package exhibition room


Package exhibition room

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Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions for Wireless Communication programme at LTH

This Monday was a bit different…It felt a bit empty as there was no discussion, no doubt session, no questions and no brainstorming at 1pm. Yesterday we didn’t have a SI session. Last Monday was the final SI session of this study period. It has been an amazing experience for the last 7 weeks to host these sessions with Andres Felipe for the first year Wireless Communication students.

I have mentioned SI session so many times but now, let me tell you what exactly a SI session is. It is a peer- assisted, interactive, informal study session and is complementary to the regular teaching and the exercise classes. It aims to help new students in the learning process and in bridging difference in the study techniques used at different universities, focusing on difficult subjects in the study period. SI has been implemented at LTH since 1994 but Wireless Communication programme was included for the first time.

Being a SI-leader was a new experience for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a bit challenging to answer the questions without giving direct answers and to keep the SI sessions different from the regular exercise classes of the course. We did put a lot of efforts in planning and in smooth execution of each and every session and managed to have a number of golden memories. There are two memories, which I specifically remember. One is when a few students came up and asked if we could keep having more SI session after the 7th week 🙂 and the other is when Felipe offered a break after 1hr of the session and students said NO… we want to continue. For me, these were like the receipts of hard work that we had been putting in. It felt so satisfactory and amazing  🙂

I am grateful to Michael Lentmaier and Lykke for including Wireless Communication in the SI programme. I would also like to thank Joakim and Ida for supporting us and helping us in delivering our best 🙂





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‘Tis the time of Autumn

And that means the time for darkness, illness and of course exams… Unfortunately my body has decided to accumulate the feeling of darkness into illness. And that just a week before the exams. Luckily there are no lectures to be missed, only precious study time. And when it comes to studying whilst ill, I’m not an expert (yet); I’d just like to lie down and watch Disney movies. Instead, now I’m trying to read through some study material. But there is hope! I found out that a combination can actually be made: you put on a Disney movie, and since you’ve probably seen it before, your mind can get distracted, it is at that point that you grab you study material and start reading/studying until you fall asleep. I felt kinda relieved when I woke up with my books in my hand and the film at an end, that I had actually managed to study for a bit.

For all of you feeling the same as I do, get well soon! And for all of you with exams starting, I wish you the best of luck!

OK. Bye.

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Hurricane Matthew

So, as you all know Hurricane Matthew hs cased large scale devastations in some parts of the Caribbean. I am currently doing an internship with the United Nations in Panama as part of my studies, so I have the chance of participating the response and relief operations to this disaster at first hand.

As part of my work, I am collecting information about impacts, needs and current relief operations. Especially, Haiti has been hit pretty badly, and the international community has directed most relief operations to this country. Here, especially the risk of cholera outbreaks is quite concerning, so a lot of attention is being put on providing clean water to those affected.

We all hope that the situation in the affected countries will improve soon.



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International DRR Day!

Today is International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction!

Best wishes to all “Masters of Disasters” :-))

Картинки по запросу 13 october international day for disaster reduction


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Tools widely used in Academia – TeX (1)

Tex is a comprehensive and powerful platform for writing scientific documents & publications especially in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics and Engineering.

Instead of formatted text (as used in Word, Pages, LibreOffice Writer, etc.), TeX users are writing in plain text. By several lines of formatting commands, content throughout the document are stylized, as well as page layout, indexing, footnotes, chapter headings, cross-references and bibliographies, etc. Even a complex graph or a table can also be drawn in plain text and here is an example that I drawn just 10 minutes ago in my laboratory report.

For beginners to create, edit and share documents quickly, here are two free online services providing LaTeX where you can experience how amazing the TeX works.  OverleafSharelatex


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Colours of Fall~

Last two weeks were kind of strenuous with a lot of report submission and group works to be done. Amidst this chaos, when I went out biking around Lund, I felt very cheerful and happy to see the colours of Autumn! Autumn is known to symbolize maturity and wisdom. It marks the Joy before nature enters into slumber in coming months.


Everywhere I turn around, my eyes are filled with warm colours of fall that makes me feel relaxed and cheerful. With the falling leaves, the weather is also getting cold and windy in Lund. I wish all of you take some time to go out and enjoy the beauty amidst our hustle and bustle..


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Internship: final countdown

Two weeks more, and my internship in Turkey is over. Trying to enjoy sunny days as much as possible before long Scandinavian grey winter…

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Project in Life Science

Vean and gluten free mud cakes in development...

Vegan and gluten free mud cakes in development…

One of the courses in Food Technology and Nutrition in the second year of the Master Programme is the Project in Life Science! Every year do the Professors come up with a new challange for the students! This year we have to produce a vegan food product. My group decided to make a vegan and gluten free cake baking mix for a mud cake. This means that we are baking a lot of cakes at the moment and of course we have to taste them as well! *I love this course 😉

At a second stage of the course we will have tp do some sensory evaluations with people from our target market! So if you are vegan, or you have egan friends who would love to taste some cake and evaluate it, just let me know! We need you 🙂

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Getting into the field

We all sometimes get a bit tired of theory, equation derivations and lengthy technical presentations. So the opportunity to get into the field for some practical work always provides some sense of excitement to an engineering class. Several presentations, group discussions and planning sessions finally led up to 2 full days of practical fieldwork in the Skåne countryside. This group project is part of an elective course titled ‘Field Investigation Methodology’, which at its core is designed to provide knowledge on the importance and possible content of pre-investigations regarding large engineering infrastructure projects.

To help solve our individual group problems related to hydrogeology and groundwater protection in the project site near Vomb Lake, the 2 days in the field provided us with practical hands on lessons on the setup and use of various geophysical measurement equipment. The reasonably good weather conditions, beautiful scenery and competition to see who can prepare the best lunch in the field, provided a fulfilling two days out in nature. So now back at LTH it’s time to see what me measured and to try and make sense of all those data points.

Cheers for now!


Setting up geophones for refraction seismics

Setting up geophones for refraction seismics

Trying not to get lost while using the ground penetrating radar

Trying not to get lost while using the ground penetrating radar

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