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12 November, 2019 | georgschuecking

LTH student guilds and nollning

Hi there! I already mentioned in my last post that Lund is home to many student traditions old and new. The foundation of the …
10 November, 2019 | mateuszpiotrszewczyk

International Genetically Engineered Machine – Annual Science Competition for STEM students!

iGEM competition is like Formula Student but instead of building a car students are given so called Biobricks to build a genetic machine! Every year thousands of STEM students try to use synthetic biology tools to develop a product that will move us one step closer to accomplishment of 2030 sustainable development goals.
7 November, 2019 | isabellamoran

Climbing community at SKK, Lund

Lund is home to, in my opinion, one of the warmest and most welcoming community run climbing gyms! Skånes Klätterklubb or SKK for short …
4 November, 2019 | diwang

National Aquarium Denmark–Den Blå Plane

I want to introduce you the trip to Copenhagen. As a city so close to Denmark, it takes only 150kr to take the train …
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3 November, 2019 | diwang

Colorful autumn

The exam week finally ends! Hope everything goes well:) I just checked the weather forecast and found that all the next week will be …
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1 November, 2019 | mar2018

Bringing a piece of Mexico to Sweden

One of the hardest things of being away from your country is missing all the traditions you grew up with. Specially if those traditions …
31 October, 2019 | wrishiteshsarkar

The choice is yours!

Tjena from the SUDes family! I hope most of you are mid-way through your application procedures and I know how tough it is to …
29 October, 2019 | elifcerenyilmaz

Study Trip to Malmö

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we have a course ‘’Building Integrated Solar Energy Systems’’ and I wrote about one laboratory session …
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29 October, 2019 | isabellamoran

Studying Architecture in Lund, Sweden

  There are many elements of the Swedish education system that might come as a surprise to new-comers and that upon reflection I’ve noticed …
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22 October, 2019 | mateuszpiotrszewczyk

Things that surprised me upon arrival to Sweden…

There aren't many things that were surprising for me, because my country's culture and the culture of countries I lived in was not that different. But I still managed to find some surprising things about Sweden!
  • Swedish culture and traditions
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